It’s all about the Soul

Everything in life is connected. There is a soul in everything in life. We hear others say when they are visiting that we have a vibe. This vibe is our soul coming through. It opens part of your mind so that you can connect with the beer, and make friends, and feel life’s spirit.
We are small and that means we like to experiment. Having done hundreds of different beers there is always a surprise on the menu. Sourcing anything we can get our hands on from, local grapefruit, pineapple, starfruit, chai, orange blossom honey and watermelon just to name a few. Using the best malt is important too. We spend a little extra getting German or English malt and it is worth it. With our yeast lab we can produce fresh pitches that brings out the truest flavor for every style. Connecting knowledge, malt, water, yeast and flavors is the source of our happiness.

Combining great beer with music and “Old Soul’s” you can find a one of a kind experience that sets us apart from any other craft beer outlet.

Come find the Soul.