Feels Like Home


What We’re About

When it comes to making beer, we take our work very seriously. We recognize that you’ve worked hard to get here, you’re taking a load off, and we want you to truly enjoy the experience. That’s what beer is, it’s an experience, and we want to share ours with you.


When we are here.

Monday closed

Tuesday 3 pm to close

Wednesday 3 pm to close

Thursday 3 pm to close

Friday 3 pm to close

Saturday noon to close

Sunday noon to 8 pm

Weekdays we close about 10 pm and Friday and Saturday at 11 pm. If the party is still going we stay till its over.


Beside the beer.

We know there are people that don’t have an appreciation for beer like us beer snobs. So we always have other options. They include cider, wine, kumbucha, soda, water, juice, and mix drinks made that are under 23% alcohol by volume.
Food options. Bring your own, we don’t mind. Order take out from dozens of places that deliver. We do have food trucks on certain events. Also we have little bites, like popcorn and pretzels on us or snacks to purchase.


The best is yet to come.

We are always a work in progress. Our intentions are to give you the best information and web experience as possible. So please stay tuned in for updates and improvements.